How To Help

Because all cemetery records no longer exist we have decided to use a very simple approach. What is that approach? The Billion Graves App that includes GPS location. How can you help? It’s simple, by assisting us in documenting each and every marked gravesite at the cemetery. The way to do this is by working with our other  volunteers in coordinating our documentation of the sites. We will provide a simply GARDEN MAP to let you know the section and row to work on. We will work ROW by ROW to prevent duplication and extra work for our volunteers.

billiiongraveappMany smartphones today have a built in GPS chip which will allow you to download a app that will help in giving you a longitude and latitude location of your current position. By holding the device at the designated headstone, you will get that information. That along with a good photograph of the headstone will give us the information needed to add to our database.

The stone image will give us the names, birth and death dates (if on the stone) to update on the Billion Graves website. Once added and then transcribed on the Billion Graves website, it  will allow it to then be searchable and to  automatically show on the cemetery satellite view to assist other in visiting for the future!


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