Memorial Day Salutes:

A very special thanks to Hal Mandelman of Mashuga Marketing, LLC for providing invaluable assistance in installing the Memorial stone for Christine Smith. The sun was very bright and I couldn’t see my phone screen very well.  Looks like I hit the Slo-Mo button in error. 🙂


Sylvia watching Hal install the stone. (She prefers to stay in the background, so she’ll probably shoot me for taking this picture.) Lololol.

FB-Gate at Hollywood-1

Sylvia’s handiwork on the gate at Hollywood

FB-Hal & Alice 2

Hal and myself at the gate at Hollywood.

FB-Gate at Mt Carmel-2

The gate at Mt. Carmel. The one in the center is ours. The other 2 belong to someone who is as committed as we are to keep the memory alive for this cemetery.